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Trends in Green Home Design

September 18, 2013

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When you opt for an eco-design home, you will not only be living up to your environmental ideals but saving yourself money too. Green homes incorporate renewable resources and concepts which reduce the amount of water and electricity you consume. With their environmentally friendly design, you are assured of reducing your family’s carbon footprint and ultimately, you will have more money in your wallet and in the bank.

RecyclingSelect eco-friendly door and window designs

Maybe there is an argument for a front door fitted with a glass window as it helps light up the entryway. However, this design also allows warmth from the interior to escape. Contrast this with a door made of environmentally friendly and recyclable wood (without a window) which keeps your house energy efficient at all times.

Homes without eco-friendly window designs lose, on average, about 30% of air conditioning and heating energy a month. As different climatic zones have different energy efficiency requirements, look for window designs with an Energy Star rating for your region.


Opt for eco-friendly siding

For the best results, go for stucco, wood or aluminum siding. Avoid siding made of PVC as these are infused with toxins not to mention they are neither biodegradable nor reusable.

Go for a natural gas fireplace

Traditional wooden fireplaces may satisfy your nostalgia but burning wood releases harmful pollutants and also encourage deforestation. A natural gas fireplace is a more eco-friendly choice.

Choose green roofing materials

Again, opt for roofing materials with a fitting Energy-Star rating, preferably made of recycled resources. Aluminum metal roofs are highly recommended as they offer excellent heat resistance and can be reused again and again.

Opt for renewable energy to run your HVAC system

Solar panels are a sensible choice for anyone looking to cut their energy bills. While the cost of installing a solar panel system at home may be high, the system begins paying for itself immediately with lower (sometimes even eliminating) energy bills. Moreover, homes with solar installations have a higher resale value.

Natural gas is also comparatively energy efficient when it comes to running heating, ventilation and air conditioning equipment. Just be certain that the equipment you go for has the relevant Energy Star rating.

Go for bamboo flooring

Bamboo is by far the most eco-friendly and resilient flooring material you can find. Being a type of grass, bamboo is quick to grow and therefore is sustainable and renewable. Best of all, the material is as sturdy and durable as oak and other hardwood flooring materials.

Use a tank-less water heater or solar thermal heater

Tank-less water heating systems are more energy efficient than traditional heaters fitted with tanks. Solar thermal water heaters, while a trifle more costly, are even more eco-friendly. You will reduce your energy bill by at least half and your house will never run out of hot water.

Use natural paints for your walls

Paints made from natural materials such as plant extracts, oils and minerals are not only safer but also eco-friendly. Such paints are free of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), a well known pollutant.

Ensure your plumbing is green

Clay pipes are highly recommended for underground pipes in place of PVC, a form of plastic infused with harmful toxins. For pipes above the ground, alternatives such as galvanized steel, zinc and aluminum are highly recommended eco-friendly options.

Go for furniture made from recyclable and renewable materials

It is prudent to take time in choosing furniture that complements the look and appearance of your entire home. When it comes to eco-friendly furniture materials, you will be spoilt for choice from alternatives such as bamboo, rattan, teak and recycled wood.

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